Saturday, October 13, 2012


Well, I'm finally back on blogger. Sorry that I seemed to disappear but it's because I was way to busy dealing with other things. Writing on my blog just didn't make the cut. Writing my book though did and I am pleased to say that I have begun writing chapter 18, and have 194 pages and counting. It's going amazingly well and I am now rededicating myself to updating this blog for my followers. I may not have a lot but hey, who knows, some day my book may be published and it could become popular. :) One can never tell what the future will bring. Thus, I shall be updating my blog so all its contents are up to date and the readers can have some more fun previews of what is in store for my characters. Hope you all enjoy!

Sunday, March 18, 2012


I have officially reached page 100!!! Now, I know that is slow compared to Beth, but for me that is HUGE! I am actually probably half-way done with the story, so it's going great; shouldn't be too long, so I won't have to cut anything. Yah :) And I am just loving almost everything that I write. There have been some sections where I went "blah" and cut them out, but what I always replace the "blah" sections with are superb! I hope everyone else will love what I have written and soon I will place another snippet on this blog.

Oh, though who knows how quickly I will be able to write because school starts again tomorrow and track season is underway with most of our meets on Thursday this year. Thus I will have a lot of catching up to do each week so not too much free time for writing. I promise I will get some done though! :D Keep praying for me!

Monday, March 5, 2012


Okay so I realize I have not posted in a long long time. So So sorry its just I have been busy with school and such. And now that basketball is over, its time for track so I still won't have much time to post the updates. I will do my best though to give a nice overview of what has happened.

First, I have given up on my aunt, I really have. It is not going to work no matter what I try to do and you all know how hard I have tried this entire school year to get in touch with her. It is not going to work. Thus I am not going to try to call her again. oh well.

Next, a boy at my school, T.C. has been kind enough to read some of my chapters in place of my aunt to find any spots that confuse the reader and I must say... he has been extremely helpful thus far as I fix mistakes, correct mis-communications, clarify plots and so much more. Thank you T.C!

Also I have officially finished writing seven chapters, each one better and grander than the first. I love ch5 and ch 7 is pretty awesome too! ;) Very Epic. I'm hoping ch8 can be just as good as I am slowly writing it as like I said, I am extremely busy. Example: Today I ran in my schools fundraiser called Jog-a-Fun where I ran a 5k. It felt really good but it was super tiring. I did get to eat snow cones too though so it was worth it. :)

Well that's all I can post for now. Keep praying for me and I promise I will try to post more often!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Are my eyes deceiving me?

Okay so yesterday I sent a Facebook message to my aunt who has seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth. I mean, she never replies to my calls, then my calls don't even reach her phone, no email replies, no text replies and I had given up hope. Then I send that message and today I look at my message inbox and there was a message from her!!! I couldn't believe it and I reread the message twice. But basically we have now planned to talk sometime Sunday afternoon. Cross your fingers and let us pray that she keeps her word this time!

Monday, January 16, 2012


Okay so I was beginning to write another short story just for fun and I wrote this little snippet thingy. I feel like this could become a really good book if I spent the time on it but of course, it will have to wait until I am done with the Bloody Diamond. :) Enjoy.

Today has been a normal day thus far. But soon, that is about to change. Because when the 1:05 bell rings for lunch...I will be gone. No one else here knows my secret, of how every afternoon I disappear and enter a completely different world. No one realizes that almost half of their memories of me are fake. I am not who they think I am. I am not Priscilla, the A+ average student. I am Skillet, a freedom fighter, who lives a double life in a time and place different from Earth. I spend the mornings on Earth, the year here is 2012. Then I live the afternoons on Htrea, in the year 8908. my worlds.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mixed Feelings

Can I accurately describe how I am feeling right now? That is the question and the reason the answer is so difficult is because I do not know exactly what my emotions are. My Aunt has still not replied for chapters 3 and 4 and I have called her multiple times. She never picks up. I have texted her reminders, telling her to call me when she has time. She doesn't reply or she says she will call tomorrow and when tomorrow comes...she doesn't call. I mean....I know she is going through a difficult time. I know that she is busy but I feel like she is letting me down. And she knows it too, I heard her say when she was freaking out when she picked her phone up once and realized it was me, she whispered it to her husband, not realizing I heard....I am not really mad or upset. and i have to say i expected it so i am not truly disappointed in the fact that she has no followed through. Maybe, I feel bad for her because she is unable to be dedicated to something during her troubling times. I want this to be something she can concentrate on and help take her mind off the other things, but it looks like that isn't going to happen. She had great feedback last time, but it appears as if I won't be able to hear that advice again as I am thinking that it is time to stop calling her. Though I don't want to give up because that would mean I was giving up on her and that would be a horrible thing to do at this moment in her life. ... I don't know what to do. I want to have hope but I know it is hopeless. I am not sure what to think or feel or do. I am just lost, trying and trying with no results. The only comfort is the fact that I am still writing even without her advice and I am liking what I have written. (especially ch5 :D ) All I can do for now, until the moment presents itself though, is pray, and pray I shall and I hope that you guys pray for me to. God Bless.

Monday, December 19, 2011

An Update

Well... where do I even start? First, it is Christmas break, and Christmas is right around the corner! I hope everyone remembers that this is not a day for just gifts but for giving and remembering the greatest gift of all: JESUS.
Now to info on my book. It is going superb! I am writing chapter five right now, and I think that it is going to be my favorite chapter for a while, at least until I write another cool chapter. I don't know exactly how to explain my thoughts, but sometimes I feel like the book is writing itself. I mean, I will plan to write one thing but when I sit down to write it, something entirely different and better comes out. It's just simply amazing, and I love everything I have written. and if I don't love it, then I take it out. Just like I did with a few pages yesterday. They no longer fit well with the story so I deleted them and now it is like they were never there.
Oh also, I plan to put a little snippet of the book on the blog. I am not sure which section yet but I promise you guys that it will be up soon. Also no news really from my aunt except I am suppose to talk to her this week. Keep your fingers crossed. :D Merry Christmas!